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TipStar is a professional sport tipping service specializing in providing direct assistance in sport betting, by offering its members profitable and secure tips, with guaranteed high success rate and secured profit. By becoming a member, you will be in a position to use the professional and confidential information that we supply. This will provide you with uniquely secure and profitable tips for sport betting, obtained from attested and secure sources available to us. The tips are guaranteed to provide you with exclusive and reliable information related to the on-going sport matches. This information is derived through a systematic and in-depth analysis and selection, the result of which is the careful choice of tips - those that are safe for betting and rely on the highest probability of success. This combination of factors is guaranteed to bring a high profit to all our members. Our tips are based on various types of information, from the insider tips coming directly from clubs, related to the composition of teams, injured players, sending-offs, financial difficulties, current condition and form of teams, statistics of their performance over a period of time, transfers - all the way to confidential informations. With our help, you will beat the betting offices and raise your game to a higher level. Instead of being an average player, use this opportunity to be successful, with fully attested and reliable information, making your investments absolutely secure and your goals easily attainable. We have 10+ years experience in betting.

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Residence of Tipstar
Savage St 95/620, Freetown, Sierra Leone

What payment options are available?

We accept Paypal, Paysafecard and Bitcoin payments, but prefer paysafecard. Contact us to pay with other payments.

Do I need to register to buy tips?

NO! You can buy tips without registration, you need only a valid email adress.

How can I buy your sport predictions?

Just click to section "Buy Tips" and then choose your pack

How will I receive sport predictions I just bought?

After your payment you recieve email from tipstar and then, we send you tips 2 days before start.

Which Sports do you support?

Most often: Soccer, Ice hockey, Basketball, Baseball

How many sport tips do you provide?

We provide every week one bet slip (3-5 matches) with high rate, per month it's four bet slips approximately 16 matches.

Do you recommend a specific betting agency?

We recommend: Bet365.com, Bwin.com, Pinnaclesports.com...

What is your average winning rate/percentage?

We're trying to reach a 75-85% every month.

What are the average coefficients for those sport of bet slips?

Average coefficients are over 4.50 and depends from different tipsters and type of predictions/odds.
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